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How to defend against Dragons Claw

Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:11 pm

I feel like in chao war and even conquest for other guilds dragon claw users are a big turn off.

Lets start with this, what is dragons claw.

Dragon claw is considered atm strongest martial arts. Why? Due to its rage skill. Here is a quick run down of the skills.

Number 1 counter for dragons claw is fist of monkey 8 second aoe silence! Also OverT and Rage skill is hard stun lock combo if played right.
Read end end for best monkey build.

Rage skill description: the first attack drags non-parrying enemies within 5 metres with focus 4 its 12 metres, last hit knocks back 3 metres
Rage:If have incomplete you have 100% crit buff ( this can be negatived ) ;)
Rage: pull cant be blocked with poise
Rage: keeps pulling per hit does 8 hits pulls 7 times last hit knocks back.
Rage: can be dodged
Rage: can be interrupted if someone dragon rushed them ( dragon rush pushes them out of there original location which stops there rage skill, also works on all rage skills at this point in time )

OverT skill: gives 2 buffs of incomplete
Faint skill: levitates non-parrying enemies
Break skill: removes poise, if have incomplete pulls targets within 6 metres
Parry counter skill: parrying gives 1 buff of incomplete

Best way to counter a dragon claw users.
First: BREAK SKILL!!! They always parry for the incomplete buff and to build rage fast. This is for easy kills for them
Second: when they pull hold parry!!!!! Parry reduces all damage by a lot if you have lots of parry reduction.
Third: Devils Palm Users shield buff takes a huge chunk of the damage away with Focus 4 shield buff, crit resist buff and defence buff. :) devil users rep.

How dragons claw works is most users will gain rage and incomplete buff from parrying in all situations mainly, once rages is ready they will cast pulling everyone in and doing crit damage to all. Best way to stop this is purely parrying when you get pulled. Also if you have a counter ready you can't get pulled again if you have maxed out your parry focus.
Most dragons stay in the middle of the pack and is hard to lock on to but when they pull, your target system will auto switch to them.
How to know when to parry? Soon as you feel your character slightly start to drag hold parry skill down until it is over. The damage starts once all are in range and then you'll keep getting dragged until skill is over. Parrying will stop knock back as well. Parry will stop all other pulls. While parrying you can move away from dragon users rage skill to take no damage. Parrying cant receive critical hits. ( O.O say whhhhhaaaaat ) yes while parrying it impossible to get critically hit. But don't side is if they break your parry it normally cries haha and hurts.

Randomly FAQ

I parried and still got hit for full amount.
A: Some skills can't be parried. Like faint skill bottoms up from drunken immortal fist. Due to the hard CC

Whats Hard CC
A: hard CC means, hard crowd control. Meaning it can't be blocked only dodged, if you can't dodge you need to move out of the hit box of the skill.
In most of my other posts I put it as semi-stuns or incapacitated

What is a hit box
A: hit box is the area which the skill is effective, moving out of the area makes the skill unable to effect you.
Lock on skills only need to move left or right to miss probably about 1 slide will do it.

I parried and still died from dragons claw rage.
A: some dragon users attack, parry reduction penetration, defence penetration are extremely high. That players under 70 will do regardless, if so stay near a devil user for shield buffs.

Guide to the monkey king
Monkey users is considered best 1v1 cheap martial art to get.
Has 3 hard CC
1 aoe 8 second silence if spec into it

I recommend it for everyone as pages only cost 250.

Lets go in depth.
Monkey OverT skill makes you jump on the target back and do x amount of damage for 4 hits
Parry Counter skill makes the target unable to move while you hit them
Rage skill drags the target back and forth while dealing damage
Break skill gives the target silence which makes them unable to cast ANY skill.

Why is monkey good for vsing a dragon?
Not only can you hard CC him, the 8 second silence is a killer. ( only need focus 3, I recommend focus 4 though for the 8 second aoe silence mwhaha )
Making 1 unable to cast any skill even means no damage and YES This also means auto attacks don't work. 0 damage for 8 seconds hurts in chaos war, conquest, supremacy, world pvp.
This doesn't mean you need to be a full monkey user. Monkey is a quick switch over then switch back.
Monkey is a controller like dragon. Monkey may only be blue martial arts but that's great due to the cost of purchasing it.

Down side to monkey is lack of aoe skills.
Monkey is 1v1 martial arts which thrives in hand to hand combat, it takes a while to get used to.

Best combo is Wrath of the Monkey king. -.- made that name up then lol. If you have high damage you should kill them after combo if not they will almost be dead.
Wait for rage to be maxed, switch to fist of monkey. Hold parry, when parry combo ends use rage skill, when rage skill ends use OverT skill. When OverT skill ends use Rage skill again.

Parrying gives fur stacks, fur stacks reduce rage skill cool down by 1 second per stacks. Focus 3 gives 4 fur stacks. 4 second reduce off timer, after rage use overT by the time overT is finished rage is ready, if rage isn't ready will be in 1-3seconds.

Any questions just ask ^_^ happy hunting guys

Re: How to defend against Dragons Claw

Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:06 pm

That sounds nice but isn't effective vs someone who has 700k+ might and 300% crit dmg and chaos war is laggy you won't last lol

Re: How to defend against Dragons Claw

Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:55 am

1460535793985467 wrote:That sounds nice but isn't effective vs someone who has 700k+ might and 300% crit dmg and chaos war is laggy you won't last lol

For starters I live in Australia and I have 86 ms in chaos so I never lag so I can't help it if people lag die.

Second 300% crit isn't that high when passive is 150% that's only 15,000 crit damage needed to make 300%
Thirdly can't get critically hit if you parry.
I also play rattlesnake and devils palm so my 5second shield on a 6second cool down saves me every time. Even if you get pulled in you can still re shield the group who got pulled.
Also 99% of players are dps and squishy as because everyone focus on attack and maximising their own damage, get some defence on you helps you live better.

I understand that most players don't have epic ping and have lag a lot but it stills saves lives.

Still having issues stay next to a devil users. Devils save lives. Maiden dancers just dance.
Even if other team had maiden dancers with no heal aura shield still applies and saves more lives.
300k shields buff defence buff crit resistance every 6 seconds :)

When I get home I'll upload my new char def who is only 67.

Re: How to defend against Dragons Claw

Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:34 am

Only lvl 67 and this char is only a healer no dps
Full focus is defence/reduce damage/crit resistance
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