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New kind of Fraud, RIP my account

Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:35 am

New kind of Fraud
Greetings Warriors of Jianghu..
Let me introduce myself...
I was a player in A&P server 10
My nick name was TioBuKi.. 1st HM of LingXiao..
Well... i need to share to you guys this... dont ever believe someone who offer you topups.. even the price is make sense.. i did fall for that, and my character is frozen now... lets say,this 'dude' is my high school friend.. he offered me topup using his cc and got 15% disc.. i did topup about 42k.. and i paid him almost $1k.. but one day,i loggin in and find my character and ID got frozen... i try to call the dude.. the number is inactive, he blocked all my social media.. gone.. run with my money and leave my ID frozen... guys.. don't fall for any third person top up.. the price can be make sense.. but in order to get money, people had already lost their mind.. so, be safe guys.. happy gaming..
RIP - TioBuKi (A&P s10)
Hope GM can do something about this.. like tracing the IP of the topuppers,so GMs know that i never intended to do illegal topups..

Re: New kind of Fraud, RIP my account

Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:45 am

I've been looking for a thread like this. I was also a victim of this fraud. My account was frozen a week ago for reason I didn't know until I learned the man sold me illegal top ups. PLEASE GM HELP TRACK THOSE ILLEGAL SELLERS. MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE GETTING ACCOUNTS FROZEN :(
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