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Good tidings

Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:51 am

Hello everybody! Is anyone interested in world news? Events are developing rapidly and I do not always keep up with the news. Where is it better to watch news that does not relate to politics? I tried to look for a good news channel on TV but this is a futile exercise. Maybe there is something on the network?

Re: Good tidings

Mon Jan 20, 2020 7:23 am

I also think that we need to focus on Internet sites.. I have been using local Joliet News for a long time. The same journalists work here as in the editorial office of the local paper newspaper. I trust their opinion and can not waste my time rechecking such news. If something big happens in the world, I’ll see it on my Facebook news feed anyway. Therefore, I am not distracted by such news and only look for local events.
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