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Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:54 am

Famous species are the main raw materials, combining the advantages of the two, forming a rich and mature fragrance style feature. On the premise of maintaining a better satisfaction and taste, it pays attention to the mellow, comfortable and sweet feeling of smoke. The smoke is rich and pure, soft and delicate, smooth and balanced, with a clean and sweet taste. As the main raw material, the technology of "bio-enhancement and moisturization" is applied, and the unique "fresh fragrance" style of Hongta Group is the main material. The flavor characteristics of "mellow and mellow" are integrated. ". When cigarette packs are adjusted to mid-to-high level, printing paper will change from ordinary fiber to non-acceptable composite paper. There are two types of composite paper for cigarette packaging: aluminum foil composite paper (aluminum foil is composited with cardboard), bright film (laser film) composite paper (light film, laser film is composited with glass cardboard) Cigarettes For Sale. When printing on laser cardboard, in order to improve the adhesion of the ink, UV ink is often used. In the production process of laser film, because of static electricity, spots and dirty spots will inevitably appear. In order to hide these shortcomings and also reflect the laser effect, it is usually necessary to add 20% to 40% when designing the cigarette package printing process. White net. There are two types of laser film: 12μm PET film and 23μm BOPP film. In order to ensure the molding effect and the packing speed Marlboro Lights, the 12μm PET film is usually used. In order to improve the glossiness of cigarette packs, laser cardboard with the aluminized layer facing outward is often used, that is, laser cardboard with a combination of PET film and paper, but it is easy to be scratched when the aluminized layer faces outward. This must be done during printing. note. In order to avoid burrs during die-cutting, a die-cut top knife can be used. Because the PET film and paper are not firmly combined, delamination often occurs during die cutting. Therefore, before formal production, it is necessary to carry out a small batch of cigarette packaging machine test packages. In order to ensure the viscose effect, the height of the viscose tooth line should be 23. 7mm, and the density of the viscose tooth line should be increased.
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Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes

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