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The Best Social Media Platform

Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:50 am

With more than 3.5 billion users, social media is growing tremendously. It is now a preferred medium for businesses to reach out to its target audience.
But, why social media is considered as a massive world when it comes to online business?

Well, it is very obvious because social media include different gigantic social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

But if we consider the most trending one, then Instagram is one of the most preferred platform, which is outshining over other social media platforms.

And I know, if you’re having Instagram, then I’m pretty much sure it’s your favorite platform for promoting your brand, isn’t it?

However, if you haven’t, let me tell you that you’re missing out on some serious opportunities. Here’s why:
-More than 800 million people actively use Instagram every month.
-80% of all users on Instagram follow at least one business account.
-Instagram now gets over 2 million advertisers every month.
-59% of micro-influencers believe that they get the best engagement on Instagram.
-60% of users on Instagram visit the platform daily.

These statistics clearly prove Instagram’s growth ratio and gives us the reason why the world’s biggest brands prefer Instagram over other social platforms to promote their products and services.

So, this makes us clear that Instagram is extremely effective in helping various brands to reach out to new customers and build a massive following of brand advocates.

Re: The Best Social Media Platform

Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:59 am

Personally, I've always liked Instagram. I am asking to perceive the content when I see it visually)) I think that many guys and girls of my generation also prefer this way of communication. I left twitter for my parents and my boss. Too many words, too many politics)) I like to view popular accounts through this service - I don't even need to register for this)) Sometimes I think about the fact that my account could bring me money but .. I'm too lazy for this and just enjoy the moment now)
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