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Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:44 am

We might as well attach ourselves to life and cling to life, but at the same time [][/url], as Montaigne said, we must pack up our clothes and be ready to say goodbye to life at any time. No matter how deep you are in the WTO, you will never forget its limits. Such a persistent and pessimistic bottom will not lead to greed. The pessimistic perseverance is actually a kind of detachment. Next, let's take a look at the article together. Smoking is harmful to health. This is a non-smoking slogan that people often say. Basically, even three-year-old children know this sentence, but they know that the old smokers who often smoke still have a soft spot for smoking, plus now People are already under pressure. When I'm stressed, I like smoking to relieve stress. The cigarettes on the market are also prices ranging from a few to several thousand. When buying cigarettes, I don’t know if you have observed carefully. Generally, the shelf life of cigarettes in bulk is rarely seen. Why is this? Today we will talk about this issue. Why are there few expiration dates on cigarette cases? You may not think of the answer! First of all, let’s first understand the production process of cigarettes and the ingredients of cigarettes. Cigarettes are mainly made after drying the tobacco leaves. Because freshly baked tobacco leaves will affect the taste []Marlboro Red[/url], so they are usually put for a while, but this In the process, if it is not kept properly, it will be damp and moldy, which will affect the taste. If it is not marked with a shelf life, it is impossible to know how long this tobacco leaf has been kept! Another thing is that everyone buys cigarettes in bulk, and buys boxes of boxes in bulk, and the factory produces cigarettes one by one. When the merchants who sell cigarettes leave the factory, they usually buy the whole one., Because of the needs of customers, the whole cigarette packaged in a package is disassembled and sold! Because the production dates of bulk cigarettes and the whole cigarettes are different, general manufacturers generally take the whole as the basis and print the production date and shelf life on the entire cigarette packaging box []Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. Because customers generally buy bulk cigarettes, they can't see the shelf life printed on the packaging box, and some small boxes of cigarettes have the shelf life printed, but because the handwriting is not obvious or other reasons, the batch number and machine number Mixed together, it is difficult to see the production date! In summary, why is there a shelf life rarely seen on cigarette packs? After seeing the bleakness of the door, I believe everyone must understand it, don't believe it! However, for smokers, it is not very important to have a shelf life on cigarettes, and few people will care about this issue. Because smokers basically do not have a backlog of cigarettes, cigarettes are directly smoked when they are bought, so tobacco companies and Merchants have no particularly strict requirements on the date of cigarette production.
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