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Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:13 am

Hello snail,

I writing this post for suggest some improvement for the game.

-Do more event PvP like warzone or more often warzone.

- CONQUEST is a good event PvP where guild can fight. Improve and reassess engineering system betwen Ally and more territory.
example: Ally can not attack ally, actually if we are an alliance we can hit and hurt ally :evil: . After, we need more territory, like gems when we are gem 1 2 3 until 5 we are bonus, do same with secondary territory and if ally get it, it comes in and offers a bonus for everyone.

-That is more a request than a improvement, it is about effect during competition, like warzone or throne, we can not see the effect under the life bar :evil: . Effect inner, or when you are affected by them. Please correct this and allow us to see during these competitions our inner and combat effects.

-For bounty, is it possile of make low price than 50k silver unbound around 5k silver. And in the continuity, to create alignement like in Age of Wushu, with blue star , purple and yellow crane or red crane ?

- Other MOST IMPORTANT THING about REBATE outdated !!! Reward the players who have top up. And reevaluate the rewards.
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