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Realms Quest bug

Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:49 am

quest name :Wealth from heaven
bug : cant find path or no item given
explan bug : i got realms quest from Waiter ( you know) Strange realms quest "wealth from heaven"
-step1 (wealth from heaven1/5) quest say: "talk with Divinator in Suzhou ".
yah i talk with him and go to step2
-step2 *bug here* (wealth from heaven2/5)quest say: "go to the place recorded in the note and dig for the Buired Tresure . (Note you need to use Ultr Flying skill.)"
yah i click(touch) to quest and game move me to Ming map and no thing happen after . no
auto move , cant pathfind ( i got ultra flying skill , no doing orther quest ,)
I guess i must find path by myself but there is no note or something clue in my backpack
(Equip :no , Materia : no , Item : no) there is a backpack or bag store quest item
any where? or this Realms quest is buged ..
( cant do orther Realms quest if this quest cant be done , cant give up quest ether)
**PLs check and fix thank you
BTW : im sure The Divinator guy saying nothing about the place of quest
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