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Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:25 pm

i decide to write here many suugestions for develop the game.

-it is possible to create a system for see how many ppl waiting in Q siege for incitate ppl to enter in this mode

-in kingdom of demon the notice is not good. we can not read all the information.

-it is possible to create a system for exchange items btw players ?

-i come from aow version computer and we are Random Encounter, possible to find a mechanic for this system ?

if i have other idea, i will add here (20/02/2018)

- integrate new difficult mode as "hell" and "shura" for a better drop rate and give better chance for ppl to up purple and orange skill.

-war of chaos: the game allows there is no more than 5 people apart. Yet, when you come on the invitation of a friend's help, you often get 17 against 7. Could you fix this problem with a MIGHT calculation to keep a balance of power ...

(edit ( 28/02/2018)
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