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About Heaven and Hell Smelter, Soul and Shadow tobm

Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:09 am

Hi all,

I spent 80 heaven and 60 Hell tokens in Speed fight 10. I got only one Fragment Umbrella from Hell and the rest are useless. Why it happend? At I bought gold over 70000. I got nothing good. And its also in Soul tomb my first S rank Companion Vixen form my very first soul ticket. Till now I spent countless soul tickets, and even 2 days back i use 180 soul ticket, i got only A rank one Companion. The rest are really really poor? How SOS server make their customer unhappy? Is it Cheat? If it is luck, i spent a lot of gold on the game and don't get any good items. I am from A&P sever 14. Let me know is there right time right place to do that Gamble??? And please increase Drop rate for me. And also I never ever got 50x pages from Martial palace also. Please Explain to me Dear GM or Admin. How can you do these for me? Now I am really afraid to spend my money on you again. Hope you can explain faster.


Re: About Heaven and Hell Smelter, Soul and Shadow tobm

Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:28 am

Greetings !

Dear player. Sorry for the inconvenience. The rate is random and controlled by system, we could not have access to change for anyone. Anyway, wish you good luck and I will forward your situation and feelings to relevant department, hoping they could take into consideration. Any other questions, you could send e-mail to us to

Thank you for your support, have a good time.
Best Regards,
SoS Support Team
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