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(Guide) Earning unbound silver as a non-vip

Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:36 am

Hello everyone.
I am going to share some tips for non-vips to earn unbound silver. Unbound silver is probably the second most important currency in game after unbound gold. However, the ways to earn silver for non-vips are limited. Vips, on the other hand, have considerably diverse ways to get unbound silver including selling unbound shards, adventures etc. So, I am going to suggest some tip by which unbound silver can be earned in the game by non-vips. I will suggest a way that will earn you unbound silver and also help you retain the flow into future, all you need is a little initial "investment".

Firstly, you need to generate some unbound silver to start with by selling unbound pages. You must have plenty of those pages after few days of play. Sell all the pages that you don't need on immediate basis. You should generate upto 20-30k by selling pages.
Secondly, we will start our journey to earn sustainable unbound silver by selecting an in-demand item that we will resell. In order to make profit with reselling you need to have complete understanding of how the price fluctuates throughout the day for that item. Currently, the economy of the game is in its initial stages so the prices fluctuate alot even within a single day.
So, I would suggest that you choose an item for which has a predictable demand. I would suggest you choose internal skill pages as your preferred item. So, the demand for blue jianghu internals is pretty high in the economy right now. Since they are high demand they also offer margin for profits. In my server, tempered blade page can easily sell between 700-1k. At times of high supply i.e 1-2 hours after reset when alot of people are doing adventures the tempered blade page can sell for as low as 700. Throughtout the day, there would be people who would be willing to buy temepered blade page for 1k. So, the trick is to buy the jianghu internal page when you think the supply is high and then sell it for a price you think you would be able to get when the supply is lower. I earned alot of silver through this way in 2-3 days. It is really a common method that is used in many games.
The key point you should take from this guide is to learn to read the flows of supply and demand to be able to generate sustainable unbound silver in future. Best of luck :mrgreen:
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