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Special edition--secret skill

Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:54 pm


I'm going to talk about a somewhat different attribute. Indeed, they should not be cultivated to use them.

You have noticed that there are different ways to play and not really class in this game. What is the strength of these games that offers "snail".

Nevertheless, in this special edition, I am going to speak to you about an attribute that you do not know or that you do not distinguish at this time and yet very accessible.

This combines the effect of your equipment and the orange capabilities you have to optimize your build and better manage your choices.

We will be interested in your equipment! In the tab "STRENGTHEN" you can see five tab. The last is titled N / A. If you look closer by clicking on it, you will see that you can roll your attributes. Most people use it for the might with the blue stats.

And if, we looked a little closer to the effects ORANGES? What do they do, is it interesting to focus?

Many people do not consider this part of the equipment. Indeed, they do not give "MIGHT", even less visibility facing a complex lvling system.

Let me explain, their effect is passive and does not characterize a stat visible but HIDDEN

For the effects to be active, you have to equip them for the inner ones or when it's the set, you just need to use them.

Here are some examples of impressive builds that will convince more than one:

-Tank: you can choose the effect of palm power that increases your regeneration !! palm power gives you more regeneration percentage. With this effect, passively you recover between 100 to 300 health per second. If you max him on the 9 pieces of equipment with a perfect average of 300 you will have 300 * 9 = 2700 health per second !! Imagine with the T9 that gives + 50% under a critical hit?

-Control: This time, the build is about control with the legendary set and is renowned for age of wushu and sword of shadow. The ancient tai chi fist! you have no less than two choices !! snail love this set and it's the symbol of wushu arts.I will take the example of ultimate. You can make the first hit inflict a stun between 0.5 sec to 1 sec. so if you max 1 sec all the pieces of equipment at the first shot of the ultimate you go "stun". Same calculation 1 * 9 = 9sec ... Either, a stun of 9 sec !!!

-DPS: If you used way of the fist, you can choose to focus its effect. same principle, you get between 3 to 5 sec of crit guarantee !! if you maxed on the 9 pieces of your equipment, 9 * 5 = 45 sec of critical guarantee after 90 seconds in fight !!

For this to be effective this concerns your "ultimate" equipment.
Completeness lies in the choice. Indeed, what if you push further thinking? yes you are smart, you have followed then know that you can affiliate an equipment to your martial art sets .. amazing but you can build equipment based on the ancient stun tai fist and on a set like specter sword or exe maxed your stuff with the critical guarantee effect !!

Did you understand my idea? you like her ? so do not waste time, run !!! and be the "smartest" :twisted:
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