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Strategy Guides for Newbies

Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:29 am

Rev 1. Sept 1. 2017 Guide Creation


As I have been playing this game for more than a month. I have been continuously challenged on how to optimize/maximize my game play to its full potential. I have been searching a lot, but there is not enough information out there to help me. Therefore, I decided to make this guide to new players.

This is all as per my experience in game. You as a reader may experience something different. Feel free to comment or message as you like.

Chapter Zero. What player are you?

Read this area as for you to know how to categorize yourself. I will be including some tips on how to get strong for Free to Play - later in this game.

There are three types of players in this game.

A. Free to play - Those who just want to enjoy the game and pass time. Curious of the Most players stay for 2 weeks. If they extend, they create a new character or upgrade to Casual Gamers.

B. Casual Gamers - Those who avail of the special account upgrade - monthly or season pack. It provides several boost including but not limited to free bound gold, and increased speed in cultivation research. Most players are like this.

C. Hardcore Gamers - No need to expound, those who do not fall on the first two become this. Casual gamers can be as strong as Hardcore gamers with time investment.

Chapter Zero.One Free items in game - best for Free to play players

This game is very generous there are a bunch of free items in game as you progress your level and finish quest, login daily. This will help you decide/plan your character moving forward. Below are a list of the interesting items I found in game that will help plan your character's progress.

Item levels have rarity/strength levels per color.
Basic - Green
Intermidiate - Blue
Advanced - Purple
Expert - Gold/Yellow

Martial Art -
Devils Palm (Blue)
Snow Sword (Purple level) - Endless dungeon

Internal Skill.
Tempered Blade (Blue)
Chaotic Origin (Purple) - First 7 Days in game
Sunset Skill (Purple) - Endless Dungeon
Sky Power (Purple) Level progression
Inner Peace page (Gold)

Chapter 1. Character Creation / Weapon selection - Best for (game event)

1. Wudang / Sword - Well balanced, good for all around, best for endless dungeon - recommended for Free to play players.

2. Linxiao / Blade - Offence Included, I see they have edge on the following Tyrant/Warlord/PVE

3. Emei / Dual Dagger - Good team support, best for 1on1 pvp, Wulin/Sky Arena

4. Ming / Pike - Tank, best for big team events - Chaos War, World Tour, School Wars

5. Tangmen / Projectile - Glass Canon, Very high damage for the cost of HP. Strong everywhere

6. No school / Fist - High damage with crowd control skills, great all around due to crowd control ability

Chapter 2. How to get strong/might
There are many ways to get strong, additional details will be added in the future.
For immediate reference, there is an Icon near the character name located on the upper left - Upgrade to help, guide you on where you have to go to increase your might.

Chapter 3. How to spend best your currency to get might

The game have multiple currencies which you can spend. I will be listing all that I have encountered, including those which I have encountered.

I spend them according to the order below

1. Unbound Gold - if there are any packages use to optimize
A. Martial Palace Tokens
B. Cloud Rune
C. Soul token

2. Bound Gold - if there are any packages use to optimize
A. Green Internal Pill (5)
B. Martial Elder
C. Guild Help
C. Safety Rune
D. Hell Smelter Token

3. Unbound Silver - Trade
A. Divine Weapon
B. Martial Art
C. Internal Skill
D. Enhancement stones
E. As needed

4. Bound Silver - Used varously, earned varously. Easily earned by selling designs lvl 50,60,80.

5. Chivalry
A. Safety Runes
B. Cultivation
C. Chi

6. Comprehension - Selected purple martial art to master

7. Faction Skills - Selected item to level up

8. Honor - Internal Gem pack, Eclipse Shard

9. Prestige - Internal Green Pill, Worldly shards

10. Reputation - Selected Internal Skill

11. Chaos War - Worldly Shards

12. World Tour - Inverse Origin Shard

Chapter 4. Martial Arts

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. - Bruce Lee

This applies to several areas in this game. It is better to master one low lvl skill than have multiple low knowledge of multiple high level skills.

Chapter 5. Internal Skills

Chapter 6. Divine Weapons

Link for reliable Divine weapons guide

Chapter 7. Companions
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