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Strategy Guides... School War Points Ranking

Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:18 am

School Wars have a lot of valuable rewards, especially for those who come in the top 3 spots on the rankings.

There are two rankings that you can compete in - points, and kills. It is very difficult to win on the kills ranking unless you are one of the strongest players on your server, but winning on points is much easier if you play smart and understand the points system.

You get points in School Wars by doing damage to objectives - meaning to Guards, Flags, or Headmasters. However, the damage you do to objectives is a fixed number. It doesn't matter what set you use, or how levelled it is - you will do a certain number of damage to objectives with each hit.

Therefore, getting the most points is the same thing as getting the most hits on objectives. So you want to use a set that has a lot of hits, even if that set doesn't do a lot of damage. For instance, if you are a Wudang, you don't want to use Piercing Spirit Blade or Heaven's Sword from Tai Chi Sword, because they have long animations with very few hits. You are better off just using Harmony Blade over and over - but Sword Dance is excellent, because it hits 11 times in ~3 seconds.

Once you understand this, and have found the sets that attack fastest for you, it should be easy for you to win school wars on points, or at least come close. All you have to do is attack objectives, and not get distracted by killing players, who give no points.

A few good sets for school wars are: Tai Chi Sword (Harmony Blade + Sword Dance only), Perish Stab (Spirit Adrift + Rank Pestilence only), and Maidens Dance (Vicious Rose only).

I play as Kzn on US S1-Golden Villa, and I hope you have as much success with this strategy as I do.
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